Dinner@ home due to bad haze

Sushi from Japan

The sushi here in Southern Japan wasn't as good as I expected. No doubt it is better than our Sushi in Singapore. The colour of the plates denote the difference in prices. Not recommended as it is too far to travel for this mediocre standard of sushi.

Eating in due to haze (PSI 261)

Nasi Lemak

Japanese Wagyu Beef BBQ

Wagyu beef (240 grams) BBQ@ Smoke House,Great World City is the right place for dinner. The beef is juicy and tender and imported from Japan. You may eat the beef with white Japanese rice or garlic Japanese rice. There is a choice of 2 soup, a miso and a chicken clear soup. There is an array of Japanese pickles and Korean kimchi. Only 1 type of cut fruit is served i.e. sweet watermelon.
Salad is coleslaw, broccoli, lettuce with few types of dressing.
Overall the food tasted good but a bit pricey.
Recommended if your budget is not tight.

Apollo Banana Leaf Fish Head Curry

This Banana Leaf is at Race Course Rd. Good food @ $30 for 2 (1 small fish head and 2 rice with vegetables). Recommended.

Chicken Chop, Fish & Chips and Cheesy Fries for dinner

All the above food (for 2 people)cost $15.50 which is quite reasonable. The food is fairly delicious (don't expect too much for the prices). Most of the food I posted here are usually sold in the heartland and for locals like me and my wife.

Ikea pork ribs and tuna croissants for lunch

Strongly recommended (Ribs cost $9.90)

Fish Head Curry at Dynamic Dining House, Changi Village

Since we were at Changi Village,we decided to visit Dynamic House for the fish head curry. The last time we were there we did not have the fish head curry. After a 20 minute wait (cook from scratch) the dish was served together with papadum and rice with veggies. We also had ginger tea or teh alia as it is known.
The curry was lovely and not so spicy and the half fish head was very fresh. However, I was not fond of the Indian Poni rice they served as it was dry.
Total bill is about $29.

Indonesian(Muslim) food@ Hajjah Mariam

We had lunch at Westgate (Jurong East MRT Station)Mall. We were recommended by one of our blog readers to try the food at Hajjah Mariam Cafe and it turned out to be one of the best Indonesian food. According to the staff,HM has been around for the last 50 years. The 2 plates of rice plus beef rendang,vegetables etc etc cost $19. It's worth every cent we spent. Address is B2-08, Westgate Mall, Jurong.

Wagyu steak lunch@ Angus House Takashimaya

The total bill came to $600 for me and my two other ex colleagues
Not recommended due to overpricing.