Yakiniku King

We dropped by at a yakiniku restaurant for dinner. This is quite a well known and popular restaurant in Fukuoka. The price is reasonable and yes before I forget, I wish to mention that it was a buffet dinner with plenty of meat dishes etc.
I forgot to bring my camera phone and hence the above brochure.
The beef was below my expectation. However, there were many other dishes like prawns, oysters, desserts, salads etc.
Because I am a senior citizen they gave me a 500 Yen discount on top of usual 15% discount. Our bill came up about $60 ($30 each).

Eating @ Home

Have you ever heard of lobster burger? Yes, the one above is the lobster burger. It tasted so good and you will come back for more.

Thai green chicken curry

This is the first time we cooked Thai green curry. We bought the curry paste from a supermarket as well as some chicken wing, brinjals and potatoes. The taste is quite good although I still prefer the southern Indian curry.

Breakfast and sandwiches in Japan

The all day breakfast menu is available in some restaurants. The food is reasonably priced and is tasty. The one above is the Japanese grilled salmon breakfast. It comes with free flow of hot and cold beverages at about S$6. The sandwich and dessert set is about $7. Good value with excellent service.

Breakfast with miso soup and pizza toast cooked at home.