Japanese Wagyu Beef BBQ

Wagyu beef (240 grams) BBQ@ Smoke House,Great World City is the right place for dinner. The beef is juicy and tender and imported from Japan. You may eat the beef with white Japanese rice or garlic Japanese rice. There is a choice of 2 soup, a miso and a chicken clear soup. There is an array of Japanese pickles and Korean kimchi. Only 1 type of cut fruit is served i.e. sweet watermelon.
Salad is coleslaw, broccoli, lettuce with few types of dressing.
Overall the food tasted good but a bit pricey.
Recommended if your budget is not tight.


BookLover said...

BT, I like Gyu Kaku at UE Square. Set lunch is more reasonable although pricey but food is good!

Boh Tong said...

BL Japanese food are usually pricey but they are quality stuff n oishi too. If i happen to be there i will try your recommendation. Thank U.