Home cooked Hokkien prawn and beef noodle

It wont be cheap if I wanna sell the above because of the cost involved. The 5 big prawns cost 50 cents each (5 = $2.50). The beef is another $1. Bean sprout is 5 cents plus the noodles,black fungus etc is 70 cents. Total cost without labour and rental (in case I rent a stall or place)comes to about $4.20c.
So what is the amount should I charge the customers for a bowl of the above? At least $8 to make a profit of about $3.80 per bowl? Too expensive right? Perhaps, $7 a bowl and make $2.80 from it.
Then what about rental and the workers' salaries? Lets assume that I am able to sell 200 bowls a day and I will take in a profit before salaries and rental of $560. Putting $200 for rental a day and $100 for the salary of 2 workers, I will be able to make a net profit of $260 a day which comes up to $7,800 a month(before tax).
However, getting a place at a good location will double the profit by selling 400 bowls a day. Sure, the rental may also double up to $12,000 a month. I would need to have another extra worker. The net profit would then be about $20,100 which is very good. Do you think I should give it a try after all the prawn mee cooked by me taste super good?

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