Mussel vegetable chowder soup and Hainanese sotong rice for lunch today.

My lunch today: Sin Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice better than most

Chong Boon Market & Food Centre, Blk 453A Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-97 s561453 (Ang Mo Kio).
We ordered half a chicken plus some liver and gizzards and 3 plates of rice. Total cost was $15.50cts.
The service was as good as the food. The overall assessment is definitely good.
I will snap more pictures the next time I visit the place.

My brunch: Yummy porridge at Block 628 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4

Menu showing prices and varieties of porridge.Click on images for bigger version

My lunch : Hainanese Curry Rice

"Let's Eat" is a cafe that specialises in Hainanese Curry Rice. It has many branches in Singapore. The picture above is "plate" of curry rice with squid,cabbage and fried egg ($6). The cheapest is the pork chop curry rice which cost $4. I have eaten here many times and my favourite is the squid curry rice. This outlet is at the newly opened Seletar Mall.

Why no photography ?

I noticed a sign outside a cafe in Singapore that states " No Photography". Wonder why isn't photography allowed? Is it because the cafe owner is afraid that others may copied their products?

I understand the reasons for not allowing pets and outside food into the cafe but not taking pictures.

Fish & Co

I was at Seletar Mall during lunch time yesterday and noticed that Fish & Co had only 2 customers. Need my help Rick??

Crispy brown noodles from Chinatown

The crispy brown noodles is from a Sydney Chinatown restaurant (pic courtesy of a friend).The seafood appears to be larger and fresher than their Singapore counterpart.

About Yomeishu

Was told Yomeishu is good for health and so I bought it from the supermart. This bottle cost about $57 and hope it will do some good to my overall health.

"Originally our bodies have "the self-regulating function" to maintain a good health. But when the function weakens due to busyness, physical stress or aging, various symptoms will develop. Yomeishu is a herbal liqueur which acts on the weakened the self-regulating function of the body to regulate general conditions and leads to good health. Drinking Yomeishu will promote blood circulation and blood flow, and the active medicinal ingredients circulate throughout the body to penetrate into the whole body. Then, whole body metabolism is activated to regulate the function, and various symptoms are improved."

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My dinner, simple Japanese Gobo and Okra

This is a popular Japanese dish called kinpira gobo (top picture), julienned or shredded burdock root braised with soy sauce, sugar, mirin and/or sake, and sesame oil.

The bottommost picture was taken from Wikipedia

Malay Rice at JEM

We ate the above which was delicious. The Malay rice is sold at JEM (Jurong East MRT) Basement 1. Even at 3pm the place was quite crowded. The beef Rendang was the best. It cost $6 for each serving.