Fish & Co definitely has service issues

Benjamin said...

Fish & Co definitely has service issues. A year ago I was at the Park Mall branch of Fish & Co and they had engaged this live band which was literally screaming out horrible songs into the sound system. It was so loud that the sound system speakers at the restaurant kept crackling and popping.

I told the restaurant manager to get either the band or the system volume to be lowered. Manager spoke to the live band. After that, they started to sing in pseudo high-pitch tones and remarked, over the sound system, that some customers couldn't cope with their volume so they would now sing in the high-pitch tones.

Live band clearly was trying to be sarcastic. I wrote and posted a letter to the CEO (understand he used to be an SQ CC). CEO ignored my letter. Guess he has forgotten all that he learnt from his SQ days.

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dk to laugh or cry lol