12% increase in price overnight

The day before the above sandwich cost $2.70 but this morning I was charged $3, an increase of 30 cents. This happened at a Break Talk outlet. When asked why the increase, the cashier a China national replied that the cash register is programmed to charge $3. What a reply!

My home cooked Yong Tau Foo dinner

Rump steak & cheese from a Sydney supermart

Breakfast & Dinner today

Breakfast was Fried Egg & Chicken Sandwich from Hans. Dinner was Fish & Chips as well as Chicken Steak from Pizza Hut.

3 dishes Chinese dinner @ S$40 for 2

Pork cooked Thai style

Ginseng Chicken in Herbal Soup

Spicy Sambal Kang Kong Veggie plus 2 above dishes

50% discount at Pizza Hut

We had our late lunch at Pizza Hut. The topmost picture is the Seafood Symphony Pizza (regular) followed by the Baked Curry Rice and Seafood Pasta. With the 50% discount coupon (ask the staff if you are a frequent visitor to PH), we paid $27.49 only.
The food was excellent and service was impeccable. I highly recommended you to dine at Pizza Hut if you have not already.

Breakfast at Starbucks

Hearty, wholesome and full of flavor, the new breakfast line-up boasts a medley of savory and sweet mouthwatering delights. Enjoy your favorite breakfast sandwich with a tall-sized Freshly Brewed Coffee at $6.90 per set. Btw the Egg Omelette Croque Monsieur is a bit salty. 

Pizza Hut 1 for 1 wonder

Pizza Hut has this weekday wonders for diners. I bought the cheesy shrooms baked pasta at $11.90 and got the traditional bolognaise (bottom picture $10.90) for free. This offer is applicable for weekdays only. Try it cos it's worth your money.

Lunch at Saizeriya, Hougang One

The Peperoncino Bacon Spaghetti, Bake Rice, Chicken Wings plus the salad were delicious. The set lunch comes with free flow of hot and cold beverages.

Pizza Hut, you have to keep your word

For the last 3 orders of Pizza Hut food, I have completed the survey (shown in red box) and instead of giving me a "code" for the free small size pizza (to qualify one must also order at least one item from the menu) Pizza Hut informed me they will email me the code for the free pizza. After waiting for almost a month or so, I have not recieved the code.
Prior to December 2014, Pizza Hut would immediately give me the code for the free pizza once I've completed the survey instead of informing me they will email me.
However, I will still patronise Pizza Hut because the food and service is very good,regardless of whether they will give me the free pizzas or not.

Hot Pot Culture suspended after rat found in porridge dish: NEA

By Elizabeth Soh Yahoo Newsroom

The National Environment Authority (NEA) has suspended Hotpot Culture Restaurant after a rat carcass was allegedly found in one of its dishes.
"The restaurant has been instructed to suspend its operations immediately while NEA conducts its investigations," said its spokesman in a media statement to Yahoo Singapore. 
What was supposed to be a value-for-money porridge buffet for a group of colleagues turned into a stomach churning experience after a customer allegedly spotted a dead rat in one of the restaurant’s free-flow dishes.
Ms Caron Chan, who declined to reveal her occupation, was with four other colleagues at Hot Pot Culture’s porridge buffet at Marina Square when they made the grisly find.

According to her, a colleague had spotted what she thought was a rat’s tail in a vegetable dish. Chan then proceeded to scoop out the rest of the mystery meat, to discover to her disgust that it was a whole rat carcass.

She then approached a staff member.

“The staff member didn’t even react quickly, she handled something else first, then came to us and told another employee to remove it. She just said sorry and that they would serve a new batch,” said Chan.

“What about the other customers who already ate it? That was so gross. They should have quickly stopped operations.”

Completely turned off by their find, Chan and her colleagues left the restaurant without paying, but informed the table next to them, which had already eaten the dish.

“The lady at the table next to us told us that she was still charged by the restaurant. She has already lodged a complaint with the National Environment Agency,” said Chan, who posted photos of the rat dish on her Facebook account, which has since been shared widely.
When Yahoo Singapore called Hot Pot Culture, the manager on duty said she was unaware of the rat incident.

“As far as I know, I just heard that the dish wasn’t fresh and so we replaced it,” she said.

When pressed further for information from the management, she took down the contact of this reporter and said the owner would be in touch. 

Paradise accused of tampering with gas metres

SINGAPORE - It grew from humble beginnings as a zi char stall in an industrial estate, to an award-winning restaurant chain with footprints in Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, China and Indonesia.
But popular restaurant group Paradise is in the soup, having been charged with tampering with the gas meters at 24 of its outlets.
No plea was taken yesterday from Ms Ng Siew Eng, who is representing the group, known for both fine-dining and casual Chinese eateries. The case will be mentioned again on Feb 28.
The chain was founded by restaurateur Eldwin Chua, 36, who went from running a zi char stall in Defu Lane to operating 34 restaurants under brands such as Seafood Paradise, Paradise Inn and Paradise Pavilion.
For his achievements, he was voted Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011, while his Paradise group was the overall winner in the Promising Brands category at the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards.
Court papers showed the alleged offences involved 24 restaurants and occurred between March and May 2012.
Seals meant to secure the bypass valve of gas meters were found missing. In some instances, the position of the valve was moved from "closed" to "open", allowing gas to flow without registering on the meters.
Eight of the restaurants also face a charge each of having dishonestly used gas which had been diverted past the meter, and was not reflected in the monthly bill issued by City Gas. There was no mention of any loss suffered by the gas supplier.
Of the 24 restaurants, 13 were Paradise Inn eateries, four came under Kung Fu Paradise, two were Seafood Paradise outlets, and one each was from Paradise Group Holdings, Paradise Dynasty, Paradise Pavilion, Taste Paradise and Canton Paradise.
They include outlets in Changi Airport, Suntec, Marina Boulevard, Orchard Road, East Coast Road and Jurong East Central.
The Paradise Inn outlet in Terminal 1 of Changi Airport faces two charges of tampering with its gas meter on April 5, 2012 and May 21, 2012. The penalty for altering and tampering with a gas meter is a fine of up to $10,000 and a jail term of up to a year. Dishonest use of gas could be punished with a fine of up to $50,000 and up to five years in jail.
The restaurants are represented by Mr Patrick Ong of law firm David Ong & Company while Mr Amarjit Singh and Mr Eric Tin of Donaldson & Burkinshaw are prosecuting on behalf of The Energy Market Authority, the regulator of the gas industry.

Source: The Straits Times by Khushwant Singh

Foodfare by NTUC (Pics taken 8:30am and 1 pm)

Lunchtime crowd pics taken around 1 pm on a weekday