No All Toast Box Coffee Are Good

I have tasted the coffee or kopi at various Toast Box outlets in Singapore and 1 in Johore Bahru.
Not all the coffee served are nice and aromatic. It mostly depends on the coffee baristas. Most do not care how the coffee they make would taste to their customers. The one in JB was the worst.
The outlet in JB was run-downed with the paint on the tables and chairs peeling off.

The tall and rather plump male barista at the newly opened Seletar Mall made the worst coffee. The best coffee that I've come across was made by a petite lady named Lucy at the Greenwich V.
If the coffee is not good why pay $1.80 for a cup when you can have one from NTUC Foodfare for only 70 cts (which is quite good)?

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BookLover said...

I am in total agreement with you! Same with Ah Kun. Also the different coffee stalls in the hawker centers. Always pick the coffee stalls that have the most cups on the tables.