Green Lipped Mussels - The Natural Solution To Eliminating Your Joint Pain

The Maori’s are the indigenous tribe of New Zealand. During the 19th century their way of life was harsh, they needed strength and mobility to survive. They lived off the land and sea in bitter cold conditions which put enormous physical strain on their body’s.

However, the Maori’s never suffered the aches, swollen joints, excruciating back pain and rheumatoid arthritis that has become prevalent in the West.

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BT: I have been eating the green  mussels at least once a week (about 10 pcs at one time) and I do not suffer from any pain in the joints. The above was from Cold Storage costing S$3.15 for about 900 grams.

How to cook the mussels:

You may fried them with the shells on and peel the meat to accompany spaghetti or cooked them in curry sauce or any way you prefer. The green mussels are tasty and besides the health benefits, you will also enjoy their great taste.

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