Din Tai Fung: no vote from me,disappointing

Din Tai Fung is supposedly one of the top 10 best Chinese restaurants but I found it disappointing in terms of the quality of its food. They are bland and tasteless to me but for others the food may taste good. Besides the food is expensive. For the 2 of us we spent $54. We did not finish all the food as the 2nd top picture shows (we don't even want to tar pow the balance).
Frankly, we prefer the food in restaurants like Canton Paradise and Paradise Inn. I don't think I will ever pay another visit to DTF. Sayoranna Din Tai Fung or DTF!


Jacky C said...

Think it depends on which branch. From my experience, Wisma Atria is horrible with no taste. Tampines mall and Raffles City Ding Tai Fung are quite good. Of course Taipei is the best. Just came back from Taipei and had dinner at Ding Tai Fung. Love their tasty fried rice with sweet prawns and there are more variety compared to Singapore. Also staff in Taipei are more considerate compared to Singapore. Last year, when I went there alone, they kindly reduce the price and the portion to half as I was alone yet want to try different dishes. Maybe next time you go to Raffles City or Tampines mall branch.

Boh Tong said...

Jacky you may be right but I will definitely not going back to DTF.

Lian said...

For cheap and good xiao long bao, try bedok north blk 85 market. .