I love my food

Nasi lemak is an ideal dish for breakfast. However, kopi "O" is a must for me every morning. Without my kopi "O", I will be feeling lethargic. Ya sure, it is the caffeine la that I am addicted to!
Sometimes, I may have Prawn Mee soup although a breaky set of 2 half-bolied eggs, toasts and kopi "O" is a welcomed thing.
Lunch?  No lunch for me. I will eat my dinner early,say around 5pm and it mainly consist of some meat,veggies and a small bowl of rice and miso soup.

Recently, my wife and I went to Changi City for a Sabu Sabu buffet. It was a public holiday and the price was upped by $5 each. It was quite delicious but I heard the one at Orchard Center is better. Below are the photos I snapped at Changi City.


Anonymous said...

Looks very good. How much did it cost you.

Boh Tong said...

The sabu sabu is $15 ++ for lunch on weekdays. Dinner cost more.