$500 of noodles sold in 3 hours?

This bowl of fish ball noodles cost $3.50. The stall is in my neighbourhood and it also sell prawn noodles, laksa and other varieties of noodles. The stall is owned by a brother and 2 sisters. They do the noodles themselves except for 1 worker.
The other day I overhead them talking about the amount of sales they did in just 3 hours of a weekday morning. Gosh it was about $500. By the time they closed in the night it would amount to at least $1,500 of sales. Minus the costs of rental,their salaries as well as the worker's salary and the raw material I guess they make around $1,000 a day. Multiply that by 30 days they would make $30,000 a month. They worked very hard and not only their food is good, they are very nice and polite people.
My wife and I frequent this stall at least twice a week.


Anonymous said...

Better off to be a hawker than working for sia

Anonymous said...

Not easy to be a hawker friend. Shortage of workers and high rentals plus fierce competition will kill you. Working for SQ as a crew is better.