The yakiniku/bibimbap set is a combination of Japanese and Korean dishes. It is available during lunch hour and cost less than S$15. The yakiniku (100 gm of beef) is grilled over the fire and eaten with yakiniku sauce. The bibimbap is a Korean dish of a bowl of rice with sprout bean, shredded beef, pickles, seaweed as the toppings. It's very popular not only in Korea but in Japan too.

This steak (200 gm of prime beef) lunch set is delicious. It is available between 11am and 2.30pm on weekdays. Although the steak does not have much beef flavour, it is tender and juicy.
The set cost about S$ 16 which is reasonable.

Cup oishi ne

The ramen cup noodles (S$2.50c) is as good as those sold at the restaurants except it has less ingredients like egg, spring onions, char siew etc. All it takes is to soak in boiled water for 5 mins, mix the seasoning powder and soup stock.
The Japanese curry is also very tasty. Heat the packet of curry paste in the microwave for a few mins and pour it over the rice.

Another Japanese lunch today. The food was tasty and services outstanding. Unlike in Singapore the Japanese food here are not too expensive.

Afternoon coffee/tea

To escape the heat, we drove to a nearby shopping mall with a covered car parking area to spend the afternoon shopping and having coffee/tea cake set.

Michelin Star Nakiryu Ramen cup noodles

Pour the black packet seasoning into the noodles

Pour boiling hot water
Stir thoroughly
Cover the noodles and place the green and red packets on the cover to keep warm for 3 minutes

Empty the contents of the green and red packets into the noodles and stir. It is now ready to be eaten

This Michelin Star instant Nakiryu Ramen can be found in any 7-11 konbini store in Japan.
It is very delicious and I've arranged the pictures from top to bottom on how to prepare it.
The cost of a bowl is S$3.50 in Japan but I understand it is going for $10 at Carousel.

Spaghetti breakfast at home in Japan

This was our fresh tomato sauce spaghetti. I like my pasta with lots of grated cheese. The salad are mostly from our garden.