Our Western breakfast and Japanese dinner

Hiyashi Chuka was prepared at home (first top pic) and the sandwiches and soup was at a western restaurant. Lovely meals.

This plate of sushi was from a supermart 5 km away..oishi ne

The price of the sushi is about S$16 which worth every cent. The sushi is not only fresh but the rice and the toppings are super delicious!

Sunday's breakfast

Scramble egg, toast, chicken meat and veggies for our breakfast..of course not forgetting a cup of Japan's UCC 114 coffee which is the best I've tasted.

Japanese breakfast

This breakfast comes with free flow of hot and cold beverages. It is good and cheap (S$7). The salted salmon and the miso soup is really yummy. I love the starchy rice too.

My wife prepared this dish known in Japanese as chirashi or rice with raw fish as toppings. Got the fresh fish from a supermarket 5 km away from our place. The taste is undoubtedly fresh and good. After tasting the food in Japan, we don't feel like eating them in Singapore no matter how much we miss them.

Had our lunch at this quiet cafe in Japan. It is a 24 hour joint and at most is 80% full. Food is good and inexpensive. Service is impeccable!

Minced meat on capsicum

Out of curiosity, I bought this box of spaghetti from a shop because it is cheap (S$1.10) and see whether it also taste good. The moment, I put the tomato sauced spaghetti in my mouth, I was thrilled to find it delicious. Cheap, good and filling are the words to describe it!

Breakfast at Joyfull Cafe is inexpensive. The English breakfast as in the picture is 500 Yen which is S$6.25c. It comes with free flow of hot and cold beverages like hot or iced chocolate drinks, coffee. tea etc etc.

This Eng's wanton noodles at Tanjong Katong Road Singapore is delicious. Don't use too much chilli sauce as it is very hot.

Eating udon and oden (equivalent to our yong tau foo) in Japan. The oden is usually available during the winter months but some places are still selling it even as it is approaching summer.

Had a light supper of udon which was yummy and cost only S$3 which is comparable to our ta mee.