Roasted meat at Ubi Road 1

We were recommended to try the roasted duck, char siew and siew yok at Ubi Road 1 block 3014 (stall name is Mei Mei) and found that it was cheap and good. The 2 plates plus a veggie pork ribs soup cost $10. Originally, we wanted to eat the roasted meat at Kay Lee (nearby Aztech Building) also at Ubi Road 1. Kay Lee was sold to Aztech for $4 million last year. It now has 4 outlets in Singapore with one coming up at Tg Katong Road. We were told the duck was too expensive at $50 a piece and the food at Mei Mei was just as good. Mei Mei used to work at Kay Lee for 15 years before she started her own stall.

Not satisfied, I ordered half a roasted duck from Mei Mei and was shocked that it cost $25 ($50 a duck which was the same price as Kay Lee's. Average price for a whole duck is $38 or $19 for half duck at a coffee shop stall like in Mei's case). The duck was not as good as our first order that came with rice. The duck was boney and not worth so much. At a coffee shop near our place a whole roasted duck cost $38 and taste better.

Conclusion: Don't buy a whole or half a duck. If you want to eat, simply order a plate of duck breast (deboned) and rice which may cost you $3.50 to $4. The char siew and siew yok were undeniably good. The meat sauce goes well with the meat.

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