Rojak ...Singapore salad

Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis Indian style

This is a typical Indian anchovy fried rice being sold at a hawker center or coffee shop in Singapore. It's cheap and quite good. It's $4 and comes with a fried sunny side-up egg. I ate this at a coffee shop in Sengkang.

Ribeye Beef from Australia/New Zealand

Not satisfied with the steak we had last night at iSteaks, we bought from NTUC FairPrice Finest 2 pieces of ribeye beef and cooked them. The ribeye turned out to be great and worth every single cent we spent on them. They were juicy and had the nice beef taste even though we cooked them as soon as we got home from the supermarket (no marinating). Highly recommended for this type of quality as well as the pricing ($5.20 per 100 gm).
I know the "black stuff" accompanying the beef does not look appetising nor form a good colour combination but nevertheless it is good for health. It is actually black fungus fried with cabbage. The brownish toppings on the steak are fried sliced garlic.

C & G (cheap & good)

This bowl of peanut porridge is not only tasty but cheap. It cost $1.50 a bowl and is sold around Jalan Kayu area,in a Fu-Chan coffee shop (opp Chinese temple). It's available for breakfast only.

Why are people so crazy about iSteaks?

These 2 steaks are supposedly Ribeye and Striplon from NZ. They came with 2 choices of complements (veggies and potatoes). They are 200 gms in weight. The Ribeye is $18 and Striplon is $16. They are quite tender but without much beef flavour. Not recommended.

I lost 1 kilogram in weight after eating these food

Yesterday, I ate a plate of char siew and siew yok rice for brunch and half of the tempeh, tau kuah & petai also known as stinking beans (mid picture) and half plateful of bayam (spinach) cooked with green mussels (bottom pic) for dinner (no rice nor carboh). Guess what? Yes I lost a whopping 1 kilo in my body weight this morning. I must admit that I woke up a few times in the night to pee. The pee smelled bad and this was due to the cleansing properties of the petai. One of its job is to rid the body off the so called "poisons".

Roasted meat at Kim Heng , Block 214, Serangoon Ave 4

We ate the Char Siew and Siew Yok rice (top picture) and the Siew Gup rice (roasted duck) at blk 214 coffee shop. The taste was quite good but and not as good as the ones at Mei Mei (Ubi Rd 1). We should be trying out the one at Kay Lee soon.

Roasted meat at Ubi Road 1

We were recommended to try the roasted duck, char siew and siew yok at Ubi Road 1 block 3014 (stall name is Mei Mei) and found that it was cheap and good. The 2 plates plus a veggie pork ribs soup cost $10. Originally, we wanted to eat the roasted meat at Kay Lee (nearby Aztech Building) also at Ubi Road 1. Kay Lee was sold to Aztech for $4 million last year. It now has 4 outlets in Singapore with one coming up at Tg Katong Road. We were told the duck was too expensive at $50 a piece and the food at Mei Mei was just as good. Mei Mei used to work at Kay Lee for 15 years before she started her own stall.

Not satisfied, I ordered half a roasted duck from Mei Mei and was shocked that it cost $25 ($50 a duck which was the same price as Kay Lee's. Average price for a whole duck is $38 or $19 for half duck at a coffee shop stall like in Mei's case). The duck was not as good as our first order that came with rice. The duck was boney and not worth so much. At a coffee shop near our place a whole roasted duck cost $38 and taste better.

Conclusion: Don't buy a whole or half a duck. If you want to eat, simply order a plate of duck breast (deboned) and rice which may cost you $3.50 to $4. The char siew and siew yok were undeniably good. The meat sauce goes well with the meat.

BBQ seafood at reasonable price of S$25

The venue was block 303 Anchorvale (Sengkang) coffee shop. The owner chef is a Malaysian Chinese. The BBQ sambal stingray and the sambal cuttle fish were delicious. The petai fried with ikan bilis and dried shrimps or hay-bi is not only tasty but has many health benefits.
The owner told us he will be opening another outlet at block 326 Sengkang area.

Lunch@ Apolo Banana Leaf, Race Course Rd

A medium size fish head curry cost $26, rice with 2 veggies (free flow)is $3 each. A glass of lime cordial cost $3 (not worth the money). The fish head is fresh and curry gravy is tasty. Total lunch for 2 is about $40 (inclusive of gst,towelettes). Nearest MRT stations are Farrer and Little India. Recommended.