Big crowd at Ikea Tampines on Saturday morning

Barely 30 minutes after Ikea restaurant opened its door for breakfast, I arrived and witnessed the place was so crowded. Our population now is 5.4 million and the government is planning for a 6 million by 2020 and 7 million by 2030. True blooded Singaporeans at the moment stand at no more than 3 million. I don't know how it will be like having 7 million people living in a small island. A prominent S'porean suggested that Singapore is able to have a population of 10 million. This is crazy!


Anonymous said...

These prominent Singaporeans dont have to take the mrt or bus everyday.They dont have to shop in supermarkets because they have their maids to do it for them.They dont eat in hawker centers or restaurants because they have chefs cooking for them.When they need to go somewhere they are chaffeured driven with police escorts to clear the traffic so they have a smooth ride.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right first Annonymous