We found a Saizeriya restaurant in Japan

Moving from a ryokan to modern city hotel

We travelled from Yufuin by coach to Fukuoka City. The journey took about 2 hours and 30 mins,mostly via expressway. The cost of the coach fare was about S$30 each. The ride was smooth without traffic jam except in Fukuoka City whereby the traffic was a bit heavy. We booked a hotel (Forza) a minute from the Hakata Railway Station. The hotel was modern with bath and shower. It was reasonably priced at S$150 a night for 2.

Hakata Station is a major railway station in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan. It is the largest and busiest station in Kyushu, and is a gateway to other cities in Kyushu for travellers from Honshu. The Sanyo Shinkansen from Osaka ends at this station. The station was rebuilt in 2011. The main building was torn down and a new, larger station building—as well as office buildings and new platforms—was constructed. The station reconstruction project was initiated specifically for the Kyushu Shinkansen extension from Hakata to Shin-Yatsushiro Station which continues southward through its existing route to Kagoshima-Chūō Station. The new station building has Hankyu Department Store, its first branch store in Kyushu, as a tenant, as well as other first-in-Kyushu branch retailers including Tokyu Hands.

Sunday brunch is Angus beef with rice & veggies

My lunch today was Japanese curry at Hakata Station

This jumbo size chicken/pork curry is delicious and reasonably priced. The curry also comes with rice and free flow of shredded cabbage. Price is S$11.50

Wagyu steak for lunch in Fukuoka

The Wagyu lunch set is served between 1030am and 4pm at Hakata Station in Fukuoka.The Wagyu beef set cost about S$25 (180 gm). The overall taste was good and worth every cent.

Japanese breakfast at Hanayoshi Inn

Having dinner at Hanayoshi Japanese Inn or ryokan in Oita,Japan

Ōita is the most populous city in Ōita Prefecture. As of June 30, 2011, the city has an estimated population of 475,861, with 205,639 households and a population density of 949.35 persons per km². The total area of the city is 501.25 km². The city is bordered by City of Beppu to the northwest, City of Yufu to the west, City of Taketa to the southwest, City of Bungo-ōno to the south, and City of Usuki to the southeast. The north of the city faces Beppu Bay and the Seto Inland Sea.

Celebrating HEART`s victory in a Japanese Inn (Ryokan) in Yufuin, Japan

Relaxing in a Japanese Inn (Ryokan) in Yufuin

The stay at this ryokan with 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) a day in Yufuin cost about S$700. My wife and I stayed for 2 days. It is a much needed break for us. The inn is costly because it came with 2 double beds and WIFI. The room is spacious about the size of 2 HDB master bedrooms combined. There is also a private hot spring pool outside the inn and one in the bathroom. Overall,the service and the facilities were excellent although I would much prefer the food not to be "too Japanese".

Free McCafe@ McDonald's

I got this large double chocolate frappe worth $5.40 from McCafe free of charge after accumulating 5 stamps from 5 cups of hot beverages over a period of time.

Thai Fish Head Curry at Chu Char Jln Kayu stall

K F C (Delivery

I was tempted to order the above KFC but my family isn't keen on it. Looks like I will postpone it for now. It's mouthwatering stuff and better than Texas Chicken or Popeyes Chicken.