Piza for dinner

You may not believe me when I tell you that my wife and I only ate this large sized seafood piza as our New Year's Eve dinner.

Homemade Vegetable Soup

Mee Rebus & Roasted Duck for yesterday's lunch

Turkey Bacon & Cheese Quarter Pounder is the latest at McDonald's

McDonald’s latest blockbuster is a enormous burger filled with turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese and a quarter pounder beef patty. It comes with the new Coke Float and Cheese Shaker Fries. Price? S$8.45, worth every cent.

Paella is a Spanish.......

Paella is a saffron rice dish combined with white fish, shrimps, squids and clams. Rice can be mixed with fish and meat (Mixed paella) or vegetables (Vegetarian paella). The name "paella" comes from the name of the special pan used for the cooking.
At $6.90 it is inexpensive. The taste is above average. The onion soup and the chilli sauce were excellent. 

Ten Don from Foodfare@ Seletar Mall

Ten Don is tempura over white rice. This Ten Don includes Shrimp Tempura and Vegetable Tempura. It has the tsu-yu sauce to accompany the food.
The price is $6.80. Although cooked by native Japanese the taste is disappointingly average.

Nasi Padang @Foodfare, Seletar Mall

This nasi padang cost $8.30. It came with rice + few pieces of curried mutton + slice of batang fish + sambal goreng. To me the taste was not so good. After all the food were cooked by Chinese nationals.

Not expensive at this Foodfare as claimed

I read in this forum that the roasted meat at Foodfare in Seletar Mall is too expensive. I was over there for my dinner last evening (sorry I did not take any photo) and ordered the value meal set.
It was made up of a plate of rice with duck meat, a small plate of veggie and a bowl of soup. This meal cost $6.50 for non union members and $6 for union members. Since it was a Monday and me, a the Pioneer Generation was given a 12% discount which came up to $5.72.

The food was quite good but not expensive at all. Granted, it would have cost a little lesser in a hawker center but this Foodfare is air-conditioned and super clean.
Frankly, I enjoy eating at this Foodfare.

Breakfast set@ NTUC Foodfare

The traditional breakfast set of 1 cup of coffee,toast plus 2 soft boiled eggs cost $1.40 for NTUC members and $1.80 for non-NTUC members. The other breakfast set of 1 thick toast with peanut butter and a cup of coffee is $2. It's good value for your money.

Green Lipped Mussels - The Natural Solution To Eliminating Your Joint Pain

The Maori’s are the indigenous tribe of New Zealand. During the 19th century their way of life was harsh, they needed strength and mobility to survive. They lived off the land and sea in bitter cold conditions which put enormous physical strain on their body’s.

However, the Maori’s never suffered the aches, swollen joints, excruciating back pain and rheumatoid arthritis that has become prevalent in the West.

Read more

BT: I have been eating the green  mussels at least once a week (about 10 pcs at one time) and I do not suffer from any pain in the joints. The above was from Cold Storage costing S$3.15 for about 900 grams.

How to cook the mussels:

You may fried them with the shells on and peel the meat to accompany spaghetti or cooked them in curry sauce or any way you prefer. The green mussels are tasty and besides the health benefits, you will also enjoy their great taste.

Okome short grain Japanese rice

Okome rice is imported from USA. It is a type of starchy rice which is quite similar to the Japanese rice. However, Japanese rice sold here is much more expensive than Okome rice. A 5 kg pack like the one above cost S$11.80 at NTUC or Sheng Shiong supermarkets. 5 Kg pack of Japanese rice will cost about 3 times more. I love Japanese rice which is more starchy than the Thai rice.

NTUC Foodfare@ Seletar Mall

The above foodcourt provides one of the cheapest food bargains in Singapore. Foodfare is run by the NTUC and its objective is to keep the prices of food affordable to people in Singapore. Besides, the place is super clean and the seats are more comfortable as compared to other more expensive outlets like Toast Box or Ya Kun Kaya.

A good example is the traditional breakfast kaya toast set which compries of a cup of coffee, 2 eggs and kaya toasts, all for the price of $1.40 if you are a NTUC member or $1.80 if you aren't. The Japanese Udon and Tempura stall (bottom picture) sells a bowl of udon from as low as $3. Mind you the food at this stall is cooked by native Japanese. As I survey the place further, I will talk more about this subject.

The place looks bare because it was still early in the morning. Foodfare opens at 8 am.

PappaRich, The Malaysian cuisine at One KM

What do you miss most after being away from home for a while? Something familiar, something authentic, something that makes you feel at ease and right at home? Food. More specifically, very delicious food.

At PappaRich you will find authentic and delicious staple Malaysian cuisine in the urban city of Singapore.

Check it out at PappaRich

Meals at Swensen's between 2:30pm & 5 pm

Tender fried breaded chicken baked with savory rice and cheese in special white sauce (Top picture).
Double decker beef patties with melted cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes and crisp lettuce. Served with U.S. fries and coleslaw (Bottom picture).

I paid $11.80++ for each of the above which are discounted because I ordered them between 2:30pm and 5pm on non holiday weekdays. Before discount, each dish may have cost $15.90++and $13.60++. Over and above the discount, we get 2 free large glasses of ice lemon tea.

Roasted duck for lunch

Japanese udon at the mall

Had the curry udon for lunch. Quite good in term of taste as it is cooked by the Japanese chef. The pricing is very reasonable, costing $5.80 for NTUC members and $6.80 for non NTUC members.

My dinner, cuttlefish spaghetti in tomato sauce

This is my Monday dinner, cuttlefish spaghetti (with cheese) with salad and dressing. 

Big prawns & salmon from wet market

The prawns were purchased from the wet market this morning. Eleven pieces (500 grams) cost $13 which is not too expensive. The salmon was also bought from the same market for $ 3 a piece (total $6) Will cook them this evening...more to be posted soon.

After cooking and having them for my dinner (below pictures).

The prawns were cooked Sichuan style and the salmon was grilled. I also have a small bowl of vegetable soup. The starchy rice was from Japan.

Large cup of drink from McCafe for free

When you order a drink from McCafe you will get 1 stamp. After collecting 5 stamps, you are entitled to a drink of any cup size. In the picture above, I asked for a large cup of Mochachino (value $5.20).

I was refused the 12% discount on Monday 8 Dec 2014 at Seletar Mall Foodfare

Every Monday, pioneers can show their Pioneer Generation Card to receive a 3 per cent discount at NTUC FairPrice. This is in addition to the ongoing 2 per cent discount for seniors on Tuesdays. Pioneers will also receive a 12 per cent discount when they dine at NTUC Foodfare's food courts and a 6.5 per cent discount when they shop at Unity pharmacies every Monday. 

Source here

I was refused the 12% discount on Monday 8 Dec 2014 at Seletar Mall Foodfare's Korean Cuisine Stall even when I explained to the sales staff and showed my Pioneer Generation card.

Sushi Express going full steam ahead

Sushi Express's crowd and queue was long throughout the whole day. Just look at the photo which I snapped from the upper floor. the offer of $1 a plate of sushi ends this evening. Are the people queueing up because the sushi is good or because it is cheap? We will know the answer by Monday.

Sushi Express special offer

When I arrived at 10:55am this morning all the customers of Sushi Express were already seated and eating. The opening time is 11am but the staff was welcoming its customers at 1050am I was told. The place was already full by 11am and I could not find a seat available so I postponed my visit till this afternoon. The special offer of $1 per plate of all kinds of sushi is from 3 to 5 Dec, 11am till 10pm (U.P. is $1.50). Well done Sushi Express!

Japanese method of cooking shrimps?

No All Toast Box Coffee Are Good

I have tasted the coffee or kopi at various Toast Box outlets in Singapore and 1 in Johore Bahru.
Not all the coffee served are nice and aromatic. It mostly depends on the coffee baristas. Most do not care how the coffee they make would taste to their customers. The one in JB was the worst.
The outlet in JB was run-downed with the paint on the tables and chairs peeling off.

The tall and rather plump male barista at the newly opened Seletar Mall made the worst coffee. The best coffee that I've come across was made by a petite lady named Lucy at the Greenwich V.
If the coffee is not good why pay $1.80 for a cup when you can have one from NTUC Foodfare for only 70 cts (which is quite good)?

Sushi@ $1 per plate from 3 to 5 Dec

Din Tai Fung: no vote from me,disappointing

Din Tai Fung is supposedly one of the top 10 best Chinese restaurants but I found it disappointing in terms of the quality of its food. They are bland and tasteless to me but for others the food may taste good. Besides the food is expensive. For the 2 of us we spent $54. We did not finish all the food as the 2nd top picture shows (we don't even want to tar pow the balance).
Frankly, we prefer the food in restaurants like Canton Paradise and Paradise Inn. I don't think I will ever pay another visit to DTF. Sayoranna Din Tai Fung or DTF!