My afternoon snacks

Top picture is the cheesy fries ($2) from Bugger King and the second picture is the choco cone ($1) from McDonald's.
Cheap and good lah!

Pork liver with chives and cabbage

My dinner (last night) consist of pork liver which is high in proteins and iron. It provides macro nutrients I need for energy and tissue maintenance. It also comes with plenty of vitamins and minerals. About 150 grams a day is sufficient for good health.

Gyudon or beef bowl at Yoshinoya Singapore

Japanese beef bowl or Gyudon is basically thin slices of beef over rice in a bowl. The accompaniments are the slices red ginger (beni shoga) and shichimi chilli pepper. These accompaniments use to be on a "free flow" or help yourself basis at Yoshinoya but not now. They are packed and given out on a request basis. This practice has put off many of its regular customers. Frankly, the Gyudon sold at Yoshinoya Singapore is not up to expectation. Just a bowl of rice and beef will cost you $6.50. I had the $9.90 set (in pic above).
Not recommended.

Yishun Laksa 928 and Chendol Dessert

The last time I tasted this laksa it wasn't good. My taste bud was not working well as I had just recovered from a flu. Today I went and tried it and found it to be good as usual. It is located at Blk 928 Yishun Central where the bus interchange is. Yishun MRT station is a 5 minute walk away. The one above (big bowl) is $3.30 and a smaller one cost $2.80 (no pic for this one). Next door is a dessert stall selling ice kachang, bubor cha cha,chendol etc etc. The picture above is chendol with durian ($2.50). The chendol was fantastically yummy!

Strongly recommended.

Clementi Road hawker/market centre

The top picture is seafood porridge and the 2 other pictures are bah kut teh or spice/herbal pork ribs. We ate this last night at Clementi Rd stalls. The porridge is $4 per bowl and the bah kut plus rice and some veggie/tau pok is $6. The taste is fairly good and cheap compared to Song Fa Bah Kut restaurant.

Kopitiam 50 SG I Card for senior citizen/PR

Singapore citizens and PRs 60 yrs and over will be given 30% discount when buying drinks/desserts/tim sum etc from Kopitiam drink counter. Other food counters at the Kopitiam outlets give 10 % discount. The 30% discount will be extended to all foodstall at Changi Airport. Promotion will end 1 Jan 2016 and any balance money will be forfeited.

Shakuntala Fish Head Curry @ Race Course Rd

This fish head was tough and tasted like chicken breast meat. It was for 2 people. The gravy was nothing to rave about.
A portion of rice which was hard cost $2 . Fish head for 2 was $24.
Not recommended at all

Kway Chap and Pig's trotter @ Tampines

This is Ya Wu Kway Chap at Blk 138 Tampines Street 11. The food is definitely good. Highly recommended.

Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) at IMM lunch

Not recommended because not so oishi.

A good friend's treat

A friend of mine bought me this simple Malay rice for lunch ($10). He is a good friend but is not doing well financially. He felt bad because I've bought him many meals and insisted returning my favour.
No comment on food quality as it was foc (free of charge).

Pork Ribs Brunch @ Ikea Tampines $9.90 each

Not bad for the price,can try if you like. The slice of pizza is not free of charge ok, it cost $1. Kopi is 50 cts a cup but refillable. Water is foc.

Dinner @ Song Fa Bah Kut Teh

$24 inclusive of ++ for 2 people. Worth the $$...Oishiiiii!

Tonight's dinner---Indian chicken curry with rice

"Ruciyana" meaning yummy in Tamil. Cost $10.50 for 2 people. Bottom one is "pulut" a Malay dessert (not foc but $1). Don't ask me why Indian food got Malay dessert. Listen to the Tamil pronunciation of "ruciyana" clicking here.

Bar Chor Mee for breakfast

Sayur lodeh,salmon flakes and champagne for dinner

The top picture is the sayur lodeh or assorted vegetables in spicy curry sauce. The center picture is the salted salmon flakes.
The bottom photo shows the dinner that I had. The additional stuff is the grated onion,black fungus/miso soup,rice and a glass of champagne.