Malay rice and chicken biryani

We used to like the above food which is sold at B1 in JEM , Singapore. We were there this afternoon and when I ordered the Malay rice for myself and the chicken biryani for my wife, we were disappointed. The taste of the food was not as good as before. The cooks or chefs must have resigned and the new ones do not cook as well as the former. Sure we were let down. Incidentally, the lunch set which is made up of the beef rendang and 2 types of vegetables costing $6 whereas the chicken biryani cost $6.50. Not recommended at all.


Anonymous said...

BT, consider to try the malay nasi padang stall beside JEM's building, Westgate, basement level. Strongly reccomended :)

Boh Tong said...

Thanks for the info.