Black fungus and its health benefits

Black fungus also known as Cloud Ear, Wood Ear or Tree Ear has many health properties if eaten. It must be dried because fresh ones could be poisonous.
Above are examples of dried black fungus. It is cheap and nutritious too. A 100 gm packet like the one above cost $3.60 cents only.
The health benefits are :
  • It is supposed to lower the bad cholesterol
  • It is a blood thinner, meaning it will prevent blood clot that causes hear attack and strokes
  • Black fungus prevents the growth of tumour and cancer
  • It helps absorb the dust particles in the lungs thus preventing coughing and lung infection
  • It smoothen the skin making it elastic and reduce wrinkles
  • It is high in fiber and when consumed it helps bowel movement
  • The iron contents in black fungus is 7 times higher than that of pig's liver and spinach
  • It also promote weight loss
How to cook black fungus:

My favourite style is to fry it with eggs and bacon as shown in the picture above.
Before cooking, soak the fungus in warm water for about 1 hour. Change the water a few times.
After the fungus has expanded, drain the water and you may start cooking.

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