Roti Prata the easy way

The ready made roti prata was purchased from NTUC Fairprice supermarket. The pack contained 5 pieces of prata with spring onions. Heat one piece at a time in a hot frying pan. The frozen prata will take a few minutes to heat up ( it's already pre-cooked).
You may buy a tin of prata gravy with cube potatoes (Yeo's) or Chicken Curry/Rendang. Heat up the gravy and eat with the hot prata. I used the curry with potato cubes with my prata. They were delicious and easy to prepare.

Lime fruits and oranges from Japan

These limes and oranges are from Japan. They are winter fruits and will be ripen by Feb and March. Once ripen, the oranges are extremely sweet and juicy. Will post them in February again.